Friday, September 28, 2007

I’m Huffing You and You’re Huffing Me

(Content inspired after Kasey's comment)

I said sweet thing, “I love you quite a lot.”
Like a unicorn dancing on the stars-
Captain Cook’s voyage from earth up to mars.
Your sweet love is oh so very hot.
Living in low-income is more than fine
because I am your’s and you are all mine.

When Boston baked beans are all that we’ve got-
our sex will be intense like racing cars,
selling baked goods at holiday bazaars,
needing nothing and nothing is bought.
Not even booze, I’ll drink you down like wine
and snort you up like an fatty coke line.

Our love is colorful like running snot.
We are a virus far better than SARS.
Fixed features like haggard old men in bars,
bitter old cynicism we have fought
to win the ticking of Cinderella time
and make love next to a Taliban mime.

1 comment:

K. Silem Mohammad said...

Okay, now re-write it in iambic pentameter, in three stanzas rhymed ABBACC, and add the following elements:

a unicorn
Captain Cook's voyage
low-income housing
Boston baked beans
Taliban mimes