Monday, June 23, 2008

"On the road"style but with gas prices at $5 a gallon

We are almost out of here. Today is Crater Lake and Bend to see an old friend. Tomorrow will be the first of a long day of driving as we head to Yellowstone. Nichole has decided to take her lap top so when I get the chance, I will do my best to blog. Otherwise, be on the lookout for poetic postcards and unicorn dust.

In that which is asked upon the cheek

You in what I presume was green
and pink- off the cliff, awkward yet
to see you is something of a past
and floor bound dream
Made with nonfat, we are
questioning the texture and such forms
of spinning- Cake is always playing

Some womon, I don’t like her-
she reenacts the weekend trip and
I play dress-up so as to be her
thoughts in him for a moment

Not exactly how I pictured the
bone structure to fall- lost in the
chapstick, these requests are
embarrassing- running out of piles to
lump your skin in, flaking, down to
five strings on the guitar

Under a waterfall, we sat in
the corner and laughed about
your lack of redness and
fucking your mother on a bed
of nails
It was gentle
It was meditative
Not at all the awkwardness
of opposite sidewalks and the
thumping of bungee cords
. . .This never worked . . .

Your face is shaped like a heart
the kind drawn by the dead
wearing felt hats, all neon and
glue-sticked on

Someone lit a match inside an
air pump
and they say that’s how
winking and riding began
a ridiculous collection of vocabulary
unplugged and disengaged
By now, this could be anyone at a
wine garden and you, you snuck in
your flask full of PBR/bourbon,
despite the obvious gag
reflexes. You continue to wink like
meteorites, tugging at your tee
with the Camel’s logo printed

It is inappropriate to show up at
any event in black face
It is inappropriate for you
to scratch as hard as you do
in public

Behind the curtains, we speak
of Cairo, we speak of our
disdain for the word naughty-
(we are not baby dolls)
nor is the constant lapsing of
your breath intriguing when
trying to sleep
it is now 3:38am
and the seltzer water
has officially become one with
the carpet
(again, not what I had imagined)
still picking at the walls

Are my small, yet unbound breasts
Did someone whisper
of the sand and dust mixed
and my heroism
a love for that- the letter a-
a mess through your teeth
the going away
a top 20 list of door knobs
lisping music-listen
Your rhythmic beauty
and hair length control
of happening
that pattern
a beginning to love you
so much more than
anything else of before

Someone mentions the presence
of others
of early morning
if of lies and lemons
we are cutting
beneath the words
and blankness

Discrediting lines- this
should have been years before
should have been my lips on
your pen and we continue to
move past the distance and

I counted the rips in your
hair and found myself
counted the rhythmicness of
make-believe and I like going
out on your roof
the connectedness of body
and sleep
(we have become of can)

Distance in the circles
of cantos
of such immaculate
gabbing and carrying on
this threesome has
emerged more than any condom
had texture
and swerve
reclaiming touch

Come come cum
and curl among the way you
are holding
there is so much beneath
your jeans, her jeans,
so poetic
unable to explain how much
and of sitting on stomach
and of sitting on everything
all but replies

Something far away in
the flying
Standing and of gone but
coming back and then will
no, your slide show appearance
means less to me than
the spirals and
overlapping and taped together

I wish you would
come back before
the clipping and burning out
I know we said this was
the beginning of color
and we all use hands among
such distance

Naked, we have learned
how to write
how to close and
draw as if kisses
all our bones scratching
as if you just blinked
(I watched you read in silence
and hope to maintain)

beneath you
we could all go beneath and
create something out of not even
I write with the sun
dink around
and lay with you

Began counting among these
four walls a lack of stuff
and loving
As an appetizer, I begin
sucking your toes up to knees
and forehead
the ways of hills in your
and of obvious longing

The Moon is Richard Goble The Trans-Gendered Dwarf From North Dakota

w/ Jess and Alex ('cuz we be drunk again)

A loose sense of pride becomes our hero
I once licked him at midnight
among the flashing lights
and on purpose
A crumb of bumbling forage paste
god bless the tired taste
or practice
God bless the ways of finding
night in the crevices
beneath the use of pillows
never left alone, cruel, did you
wear that golden necklace
for a reason?
Golden hyenas flashing through
the god land
punish us
Pairing us according to window
leaving us to deter
Laying together we notice
only a glimpse of jumping
motioning toward creature tears
she sheds peach tears like
loving Holy Peas
Pear butter
The soft thick movement of
sounds from our insides
in that of curing
and stripes
motive and tread
flagging off the wind, endless
with appropriate knowing
with consummate where- to’s
that among the mixture, your
style of peeing is that of
Queens and kings of Spain vying
for portion of acrostic parapets,
devour horses, be quick
with your leaving, Quick with the
notion of forgive lightly but with the
strength of waiting

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part of the Stack

It seemed that we should be
eliminating in-between
all in bags
I took a walk around your legs
again the smell of burnt
breath and money was not
the same without you
so writing with the window rolled
down to a lagging

What do you mean the parking lot
cannot contemplate or reverse?
I saw the bridge
I saw that you were flying
lacking tires or my name
They repeat "we get it" but the
moment was missed

You sit/ like words sit
assorted in travel info
and primary west coast attire
We were close in a way
that I tend to ignore you/
become the "American" you all
classic and without history,
wandering in available everywhere

These stories we tell
these variances in
mismatches and the
flags beared so you
guess at full wings
and the length of
measuring devices still
not there in the
carry on bags and the
Some form of random jubilant sound-
the safety of a known way of walking
too/ nice
too /they could tell
and we all agreed upon
going there
and the flashlights
of some distant

He walks/
not/her story
not the bowling ally
and the lostness in-between,
a slight clinking of metal
Someone wished upon the bible
I, in the middle of the road
conjure arrows and
the spokes of lungs
There are not enough
favorite letters
but carrying is still
of the road
the passing
the not so much of
unseen feet and groves
(some voice, a loud window and ticking
our embrace becomes an
overwhelming of first times
without lapse - a time between
with only symbols is and so is
the way yes it is morning

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nonconceptualism Dos

It's a deer/unicorn. Holy best of both worlds!

This undated photo provided by the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, Italy, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, shows a deer with a single horn in the center of its head. The one-year-old Roe Deer - nicknamed 'Unicorn'' - was born in captivity in the research center's park in the Tuscan town of Prato, near Florence, Gilberto Tozzi, director of the Center of Natural Sciences, said. He is believed to have been born with a genetic flaw; his twin has two horns.(AP Photo/Center of Natural Sciences, ho);_ylt=AqmW8p8TUiV_zEnb_EYBoUMuQE4F

Baby lemons dance at the circus. They make juice.

for Jess Rowan (I'm not entirely sure dear. I blame beer for this poem)

Our vaginas are sitting
by the fire
hugging giant pandas
and drinking lemonade

Your goat humped my llama
and I am perturbed by this
do not kill anyone
do not prop upon corn
and tiny fruit baskets
do you know of anyone
that is collapsing?
a roll of duck tape,
a smile,
a mixed set of words
left at the farm
and the jars, squishy, left
on the table
These are good words,
these are good
sneezes *wink*
Vaginas occurring countless times
making tapestries out of
and then dropping the lemon
and beautiful
they are not small
and everyone important
knows it

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Sound Of Aboutness While Maintaining Form

title phrase randomly found in notes from Kasey's class

After you I drive After you time sweats After you words remember/
they become something of lake tears After you the ground moves again
I am still cold, am still needing, am still but gazing on sun and this time
am still breathing After you foam collects on tongues After you there is
glass- is confidence After you all I can do is put on my jacket After you
natural ceases, lack of ceases After you there is building up/ something
not quite of the birds but their waves After you ink is irresistible After
you there are variations in swerving/ there is language in the place of
eyes After you pastels cease After you things become described as
primary- as in the wood floor and speakers- a mix of shades of iridescent
and the texture of corduroy skin After you the walls change to an off
shade of light After you things are not just fuzzy/ they are guiding in the
form of a run and hitting After you we are wearing w/out really After you
it is not game, is not shells in the midst of our eyes moving across diagonals
After you things try After you a form of counting scrapes After you
the transfer of fingers After you of After you concept After you

Not Sidewalks

I finally decoded a poem I wrote a few weeks back while walking home drunk at midnight. Here it be.

I have begun the
walk home
If I do not make
it in 30 mins
you can assume
1: the worst
2: it is cold
3: I am magic
and there is sex
somewhere in this picture
(consenting that is)

Gazing through you, this
over applying of senses
this main boulevard is
unending to you

So when I show up
at your place @ 1am
it is not because
I am drunk
but because
we should fuck
over again
my bosom is a
reflexive muscle-
what you do with words,
so I orgasm
I re-mem-ber
more than green
red and sprinklers
I come
over cracks and in
so lets,
and we move
beyond lights and ticking
automotive of illegal practices
will hi-def this experience
so we see only neon
in ea. other’s freckles
and lip curlings
Hand in pocket I want you Mouth in rain I want you Hallway there I want you
gazing upon
remembered fixings
repair and of the
lines that
bind us
narrow and bare and
this moment
and it is creeping
like blinding

Monday, June 9, 2008


Sample To-Do List
1st Week
* Make beds
* Make Beds-Change Sheets
* Quiet Time
* Quiet Time
* Check calender

* Check calender
* Take meat out of freezer

* Take meat out freezer
* $$ Work $$

* $$ Work $$
* Homework

* Homework--Vaccuum Upstairs
* Make Dinner--Wash white clothes

* Make Dinner--Wash light clothes
* Wash Dishes--Dry white clothes

* Wash Dishes--Dry light clothes
* Wipe Down kitchen

* Wipe Down kitchen
* Quick toy pick-up

* Quick toy pick-up
* Update checkbook

* Update checkbook
* Take recycling to the curb

* Bring in recycling
* Take garbage to the curb

* Bring in garbage
* Fold & put away white clothes

* Fold & put away light clothes

* Make beds

* Make beds
* Quiet Time

* Quiet Time
* Check calender

* Check calender
* Take meat out of freezer

* Take meat out of freezer
* $$ Work $$

* $$ Work $$
* Homework--

* Homework--
* Make Dinner--Wash dark clothes

* Make Dinner
* Wash Dishes--Dry dark clothes

* Wash Dishes
* Wipe Down kitchen

* Wipe Down kitchen
* Quick toy pick-up

* Quick toy pick-up
* Update checkbook

* Sweep & quick mop floors
* Fold and put away dark clothes

* Garbage to the curb

* Update checkbook

* Make beds

* Make beds
* Quiet Time

* Quiet Time
* Check calender

* Take meat out of freezer
* Wipe downstairs bathroom

* Print Online Coupons
* Take meat out of freezer

* Organize desk & pay bills
* $$ Work $$

* Grocery Shop
* Homework--

* Homework
* Make Dinner

* Make dinner
* Wash Dishes

* Wipe down kitchen
* Wipe Down kitchen

* Update Checkbook
* Sweep & quick mop floors
* Wipe upstairs bathroom

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Whites of the Eyes Showing

The horse won't eat will anyone else
eat the breast cancer won't
answer and two blond canaries
are sweating this realization and
won't eat- the post depressed "do-unto
the horses hypnotherapy" Shelly, a
big girl with little dreams begins
counselling the unfueled soul of Rico
a nuclear man who's
finding trailering pounds of pony
meat around America is illegal
and is depressed

Shelly tells him of a NO BRA.
NO PANTIES party. then the US
government found out there would be
little children eating glue shut it down
and now the world has sleep apnea,
day-dreaming of eating depressed
works by a million exploding veterinarians

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Eating Air: First Chapbook

This 30 some page book of misspelled words and grammatical errors can be yours for any sum of money or by trading. Each copy comes complete with the smallest/sexiest picture of a llama's ass that you will ever lay your eyes on, as well as an individualized sticker of some random farm animal.

Today is a day to write down the time.

for Patricia Salgado

The ballness becomes cult like,
wrestling with attempting to
hide minority status because
people keep pulling high quality bullshit
and I’m pulling your bullshit
and you’re pulling mine
and we’re all telling stories
trying to escape the front region’s
attempts to expose secrets-
She assumes,
does she not?
(Reflective for at least a page)

To further your thinking
on how to perform the task of exciting,
*distract the speaker by flashing
them something shiny *or
give them your coffee
and then run
and pretend they did not just
steal your favorite pair of sandals.
All this will entice strangers.
If it fails,
hump a dog-
start a committed relationship with it-
people like monogamy,
it tastes better in typical social settings.
Do not however,
by any means,
allow your new lover to dance
or make the room the
scene for a musical.
This is to be left in the bedroom.

In similar fashion,
it is important to remember
everything comes back to the ballness,
the "rabbit hole" if you will
of orderly roundness and
normal manners of speech.

The time will go nowhere
due to usual conversations
with regard to class, race, gender or religion
(pretend generalizations do not exist
for a moment)-
now go take a piss.
Do you see the correlation yet?

It becomes a sort of discourse
of revealing faces
and curved words-
A second exercise
demonstrating the fast paced methods outlining
that important things are
being said only after
the room has been emptied.