Monday, June 23, 2008

The Moon is Richard Goble The Trans-Gendered Dwarf From North Dakota

w/ Jess and Alex ('cuz we be drunk again)

A loose sense of pride becomes our hero
I once licked him at midnight
among the flashing lights
and on purpose
A crumb of bumbling forage paste
god bless the tired taste
or practice
God bless the ways of finding
night in the crevices
beneath the use of pillows
never left alone, cruel, did you
wear that golden necklace
for a reason?
Golden hyenas flashing through
the god land
punish us
Pairing us according to window
leaving us to deter
Laying together we notice
only a glimpse of jumping
motioning toward creature tears
she sheds peach tears like
loving Holy Peas
Pear butter
The soft thick movement of
sounds from our insides
in that of curing
and stripes
motive and tread
flagging off the wind, endless
with appropriate knowing
with consummate where- to’s
that among the mixture, your
style of peeing is that of
Queens and kings of Spain vying
for portion of acrostic parapets,
devour horses, be quick
with your leaving, Quick with the
notion of forgive lightly but with the
strength of waiting

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