Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part of the Stack

It seemed that we should be
eliminating in-between
all in bags
I took a walk around your legs
again the smell of burnt
breath and money was not
the same without you
so writing with the window rolled
down to a lagging

What do you mean the parking lot
cannot contemplate or reverse?
I saw the bridge
I saw that you were flying
lacking tires or my name
They repeat "we get it" but the
moment was missed

You sit/ like words sit
assorted in travel info
and primary west coast attire
We were close in a way
that I tend to ignore you/
become the "American" you all
classic and without history,
wandering in available everywhere

These stories we tell
these variances in
mismatches and the
flags beared so you
guess at full wings
and the length of
measuring devices still
not there in the
carry on bags and the
Some form of random jubilant sound-
the safety of a known way of walking
too/ nice
too /they could tell
and we all agreed upon
going there
and the flashlights
of some distant

He walks/
not/her story
not the bowling ally
and the lostness in-between,
a slight clinking of metal
Someone wished upon the bible
I, in the middle of the road
conjure arrows and
the spokes of lungs
There are not enough
favorite letters
but carrying is still
of the road
the passing
the not so much of
unseen feet and groves
(some voice, a loud window and ticking
our embrace becomes an
overwhelming of first times
without lapse - a time between
with only symbols is and so is
the way yes it is morning

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