Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today is a day to write down the time.

for Patricia Salgado

The ballness becomes cult like,
wrestling with attempting to
hide minority status because
people keep pulling high quality bullshit
and I’m pulling your bullshit
and you’re pulling mine
and we’re all telling stories
trying to escape the front region’s
attempts to expose secrets-
She assumes,
does she not?
(Reflective for at least a page)

To further your thinking
on how to perform the task of exciting,
*distract the speaker by flashing
them something shiny *or
give them your coffee
and then run
and pretend they did not just
steal your favorite pair of sandals.
All this will entice strangers.
If it fails,
hump a dog-
start a committed relationship with it-
people like monogamy,
it tastes better in typical social settings.
Do not however,
by any means,
allow your new lover to dance
or make the room the
scene for a musical.
This is to be left in the bedroom.

In similar fashion,
it is important to remember
everything comes back to the ballness,
the "rabbit hole" if you will
of orderly roundness and
normal manners of speech.

The time will go nowhere
due to usual conversations
with regard to class, race, gender or religion
(pretend generalizations do not exist
for a moment)-
now go take a piss.
Do you see the correlation yet?

It becomes a sort of discourse
of revealing faces
and curved words-
A second exercise
demonstrating the fast paced methods outlining
that important things are
being said only after
the room has been emptied.

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