Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby lemons dance at the circus. They make juice.

for Jess Rowan (I'm not entirely sure dear. I blame beer for this poem)

Our vaginas are sitting
by the fire
hugging giant pandas
and drinking lemonade

Your goat humped my llama
and I am perturbed by this
do not kill anyone
do not prop upon corn
and tiny fruit baskets
do you know of anyone
that is collapsing?
a roll of duck tape,
a smile,
a mixed set of words
left at the farm
and the jars, squishy, left
on the table
These are good words,
these are good
sneezes *wink*
Vaginas occurring countless times
making tapestries out of
and then dropping the lemon
and beautiful
they are not small
and everyone important
knows it


Alex said...

this is rad!!

is this a subtle hint for a threesome?

Lacey Hunter said...

I am so glad you got the hint!

jess rowan said...

OH MY GOD. thank you. my vagina is smiling.

it's an odd smile :)