Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Sentence

Spinal tap fluids. Girl sitting in waiting room opening gum filled atomic bombs. Vines that reach seagull lands and trash invested shoe collection boxes. Muscle relaxers. Castle building dummies. Technical jive fills report cards. Essay unfinished, never to be finished. Clock ticks friend’s phone number. Baseball lost the entire season. I cannot open the handicap door. Free condoms. Black crow dives for love and bracelet breaks. Growling stomach. They lost Tina. Arrows pointing to mountains-to father should be here. Rainbow marked files of living situations. Barbie dances to psychedelic football chants. Sorry lunch box, backpack, carrying overload lady. Some people reduce breast size. Do screws come attached? Bad, oh introduction. I keep dig. Was there but no. Lick pen. So it continues past morn and onto the lagoon. Mickey no, bad guitar. I have your sweatshirt buried in clouds. Antithesis may pertain in questions of when, who or how. Hocus magic, pork belling dancing lovemeister. It could have been Gorilla’s photogenic night. Are you strong enough to skeleton walk? Fermented pear bread, I thank you. Crossed palm leaves of glory whisper too young to not more. One letter and yep, so long.

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