Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ron Silliman Reading

(In collaboration with Nichole Hermance)

It’s the hands
and it’s the sitting
and it’s. . .
it’s the hands.
What’s that?
Oh that’s the mud.
But the mud,
it’s the oil
and the oil,
it sticks to the leg hair.
And it’s the green grass grew all around,
all around,
and the green grass grew all around
the hands,
and it’s the sitting. . .
and the hands.
And it’s the gasoline in my mouth
sweeping the nation,
oh the gasoline
and oh the sitting
and the 7th grade comfort,
with the hands. . .


K. Silem Mohammad said...

You know, I actually would like to hear a more or less discursive report on the reading....

RasguñaLasPiedras said...

oh, LaSaucey...