Sunday, July 27, 2008

As that one song goes. . .

"Get out of my dreams
and into my car"

Tomorrow we head to Knoxville. It is 11pm. I have been drinking wine steadily since 3pm= a fine way to go about the day after a disappointing beginning. Yes folks, we were unable to find the Pentecostal church forcing us to attend the nearest Baptist congregation instead. A bit of a let down. The important things to note are:
1. If he says roll, ROLL!
2. A Coke Zero and a king size candy bar cancel each other out.
3. Submission.
4. We're going to be joy givers to God, I mean you know what I'm saying!?

Other things to note about this side of the country before we officially start heading west tomorrow. . .
*DC, what with its EPA and other goodness, has trashcans overflowing with water bottles, with not one visable recycling bin. Really, outside of Oregon, the country doesn't recycle. . .that is except for Provincetown but that place is magic and anyone who has ever been there/heard of it already knows it. Well, except for the public restrooms. They have a person sitting at the entrance directing you to the stalls that are empty and then they expect a tip afterwards. Now I get tips but this is ridiculous and we did our thing and walked away. There are things I can do on my own and take pride in it. 'Nuff said!
*The thunderstorms are thick and warm and when you run in them, you can't see. For that, I say hello.


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