Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip Update aka, we have spent a lot of time on the East coast and will be heading south and then west come Tuesday

The last week has included New York where we didn't get lost going in but sure did going out and then Connecticut appeared with its high gas prices and well funded highways, all tree- covered and fancy bridges. The house my parents built is still the same except the new folks cut down our favorite cherry tree and the womon didn't seem to trust Nichole and I enough to let us in and take a look. (A sign that we are no longer in Indiana). I tried to find the things that changed my family and lead us to Oregon back in '91 but it was all on vacation. We discovered the Atlantic ocean has more jellyfish closer to the shore and that the East coast believes in "private beaches" but it didn't stop us and we laid by some one's cigarette butts and used beer bottles and called it a day at the ocean. Connecticut continued in such a way of being fed well and staying with people that feel like family.
Come the middle of the week we headed to Providence RI to see our former 8th grade teacher and this has quite possibly been my favorite place to stay. Hopped a train to Boston and got a buzz on at 1pm at the Cheers bar before heading to the Afro-American History museum and then back to the train. On the stroll back we came upon the Liberty tree and we questioned why in its place they put a huge plaque rather than another tree or garden so that things continue to grow.
Michelle took us to an awesome Cuban restaurant and I wanted to steal the menu for its helpful historical facts. We discussed the education system in the US and the alternative kind of school she now teaches at. She then took us to a movie theater that had couches instead of seats and a man playing a guitar instead of previews and we watched "At the Edge of Heaven" which everyone should see and then probably see again. The night continued on in thunder storms, an orange moon and glorious discussions with her and her partner about sexuality, allowing Nichole and I to feel fully like ourselves since Chicago.
Saturday we drove to Point Judith and wasted money by getting on the Ferry to Block Island where my parents were married. Previous trips of mine to BI have consisted of finding an empty spot on a beach and writing forever but this time we went to the most populated beach on the Island and continued to get disappointed by the white, upper-class tourists that were getting trashed so we hopped on our bikes and road around the entire Island to a horse place where we filled up our water bottles and continued slowly back into town. By then a folk band was playing at Nix's bar (?) so we joined in and I wrote some bad poetry until the dance scene picked up. By then a bus of 40 year old womyn had arrived all wearing bright blue shirts and they loved us and thought we were way too cute so they agreed to put us up for the night so that we wouldn't have find a church deck to pass out on. The singer of the band gave us a bunch of free cds and the "mayor" found us some blue shirts so that we would fit in with our new friends. 2am found us on the deck of the hotel with the blue ladies and they thought we were lesbians because of our matching tattoos and we longed to be around people who understood us but it was a warm place to stay so we put up with them telling us not to rape them and that if we stole anything they would cut us. Come morning they realized we clearly would not hurt them and they gave us a ticket for the hotel breakfast so it worked out alright. We then went to the Baptist church because we want to see as many churches across the country as possible and we all got a piece of wheat because we all have good and we all have bad and I let the things I have been holding onto fall off on the ferry ride back.
We are now back in Providence with Michelle and Eliza taking our time before heading to Provincetown which I know nothing about and am interested to see what all the hype is for.

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