Monday, August 11, 2008

The Cedars of Lebanon

I am moving in slow motion. Through the water-through the road.
Maybe it is in light of recent events but I do not find Texas inspiring in the slightest. While this trip has proven to me the sheer amazingness of individuals, the mass mentality of this place is indeed "the lone star state." Do we even sell Oregon shower curtains? Texas does. . .people buy them. People represent!
The last five days have been somewhat hazy- a mix of staring at various TV shows, walls and dry fields. I remember the green, red and gold of the Dallas bridges and a hay field somewhere between Dallas and Killeen as being striking to me. On our drive to Austin today the world smelled of rain and I felt that maybe the ocean was behind the hills.
Yesterday we finally were able to attend the "New Days Apostolic Pentecostal Church" of Killeen TX. We were later told that we were in the worst part of Killeen. I couldn't tell you. It all looks the same. Only hearing stereotypes of the Pentecostals, we were nervous to attend. We entered the sanctuary and were the only womyn in a room of about 20 to 30 men. We sat in the back and soon found out we had walked in on the men's class and the womyn would be joining soon for the service. Most of you know I am not a religious person but I have to say that this was the best experience I have had in the last five days. Apparently Bill Clinton wrote in his book that everyone should attend a Pentecostal service at least once in their life. Bill, I'm going to have to agree with you. If you want to see what organized religion can do for people, this is the place. I have NEVER seen (and I have attended quite a variety of services, Christian and otherwise) a congregation so genuinely excited to worship. Yes there was much dancing. Yes they laid hands on one another. Yes they cried. Yes they spoke in tongues. No there were no snakes. Yes they talked about being saved but not in the "or you'll go to hell" kind of way. It was . . .healing.
Tomorrow we head out for the first stretch since Wyoming where we will be on our own. No one to stay with again until Vegas. In honor of Edrik we have decided to head South towards the border and share with him those adventures. We will play Bob Marley and speak of revolutions. We will hike. We will stare.

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