Saturday, August 23, 2008

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Getting to know your country:
*South Dakota wins for the most pro-life billboards
*Space between western Virginia and eastern Tennessee win the prize for having the largest trinity crosses right off the interstate
*Vegas wins for largest congregation of creepy people in one area
*New Mexico/northern Arizona win best places to exist in besides Oregon
*New Jersey gains the title "armpit of the country"
*Connecticut is the best place to get lost in (it comes full circle eventually)
*Provincetown Mass. wins the recycling award (outside of Oregon that is)
*Wyoming gets the privilege of being the first state to awe us and therefore we compare many things to it (ex. red highways, landscape changes, small western towns *see southern Utah)
*Area between South Dakota and Kansas City= most amount of weaving between states
*The deep south loves its sweet tea, has the loudest bugs in the US, warm thunderstorms, a history we could stand to memorize and the ability to move slow again and notice strangers
*Oregon, because I feel I must pay my dues, wins for having a little bit of every part of the country in one place

There is more! and what I am really trying to say is that I am not ready for the road (this one at least) to end. In a moment I will be though. It will continue to shift. I did not start reading "On the Road" until we got to New Mexico and it made me long for a mix of Wall South Dakota and Block Island RI; Wall's inability to recognize how the people, its air, is all a theme in the middle of one strange day. They will show you how to wear your cowboy, buy you booze and in moments I miss stumbling over its railroad tracks. The Boston accents of the random group of womyn we met on Block Island who drunkenly told us where their hotel room was and found us asleep in their hallway.
I think I might write a book of the trip, if only for myself. I think it will however, be done only using three sentences. Each one may go on for pages but that's how it feels. Would you read that? I do not want to fall asleep tonight.

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