Monday, September 22, 2008

I Just Think of You and I Start to Blow

for the lovely Nichole Hermance (a slightly late birthday present)

When there is TOO much season left and the players are all in a slump- When things get similar to fire- When I install drinking and Randolph answers back saying that he totally did like my last post and we start screaming "Happy Saturday-" that's when there is no evil and I'm just thinking of you.
When you're supposed to take a picture of a bridge but then start thinking about how hot my class of '08 shirt looks- it's cut just so to allow us to convert back to times when we mashed natural forces together- that's when I say you can spend more time taking over this place.
When we really start to ask what 5$ is worth to us- When the path is covered in creamily delicious drool because of all our friends and parties- When fish balls- When we spend our first week in Portugal answering singles ads- that's when I really cheer up on love.

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