Friday, October 3, 2008

New Poems Finally

What I took from the 2008 VP debate
Main St.

Some say it's also, and well,
up here in Alaska we
*wink* we hold tight to and
then also clean We remember
and our grand kids
remember and our great
grand kids remember what freedom
and gender was
A "top ticket" ya know,
none of this East Coastian-ness
Regular six packs on a
boat cutting taxes,
cutting more taxes
just your average kitchen
table setting- I sit around
kitchen tables too in my neighborhood,
that's where things get
executive and then there
is something of teamwork,
"fairness" (like in heaven)
Like up here in the ice
where decisions are always
being put in vans
and on fields (not like
back when your hair
started going grey) like when
bangs came back- like when
there were 12,000 bushes
and then 5,000 and some
new schools and "M word"
that's just my new
tolerance tattoo, there
across my chest in Hebrew
script no less
(say it ain't so)



"we're ready for McCain to leave. . ."?


@soccer games
(backed into corners smiling)
Backed into the environment
drilling will help us leave and bring millions of jobs to those who and then there will be cowboy hats, and also there will be small business private health care lacking fear of terrorists and the nuclear weapons will stop because if those go off there will be a lot of unhappy people

Behind The Door I Cum Gloriously

so escaped through tapping, some kind of thing like hotel room (the night I grew a penis) and person switched in and out of friend 1. bald, male in mid-twenties, 2. curly womon in early forties, something like East Coast it's not that it wasn't working on top like repetition but we clothed and behind and the hard under, such amounts sprinkling but more to the extent of a hose

and then your mother walked in and I wished for janitorial skills

She Was Southern With Northern Mechanics
(the following poem was sculpted using words and phrases from Sherry Markovitz's commentary on her art showing of "Shimmer.")

I painted big just after my father died. Remember lions- hosing down, paint again. I gave the donkey quite a large penis, very nurturing, very "Autumn Buck" on the surfaces not fully satisfied with Eternal hanging, natural, each time found constantly combined New Guinea- a piece to do Victorian and ceremonial outfits. A frill around its neck, around time I made walking ground- I used mud, bones and a blanket as an infant which I called my mother. I used to work it with my fingers just a rag, a female elk, a queen.
What started out as a formal small wood something, glued copper, enough to really love transitional- often lost piece and bring it back several times before so much adding, removing, adding, removing- sort of like a salutation and spiral hand gesture- Simultaneously pink belly years started the making of fate. I made having new. I wanted make always collected lots and lots of feathers so the skirt, old feathers netting posture, getting very wonderful. I covered only face together. I went "around the world"-wild with color, place, the time I was struggling with exhaustion awake and engaged but a seamstress. Conflicted during the Civil War, it was also a time of barely madness- that's why I used flowers in place of a found and empty braid. The light purple is church in intimacy all sewn, the steel, the turn, they made the bullets a reusing, breasted Buddha- the main bed a translucent yellow, a "greasy yellow."
My mule is a potent founding of construction but white, working on getting so tiny, is moving, wants light, no bones that she wants first an old day and so started coming out is being even with world expression viewing them to be disarming, face cross, love the fancy noise- there is a tendency to overly depict wanted shimmer my love.

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