Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Stein Inspiration

(Stein collage for English 382. The edges were cut off a bit by my scanner.)

There is a time when there is rubbing, when there are long limbs as if chimes. There is a whole and there are finger-like corners and in the breathing of the holding is erupting. This is relationship.

Green Chair
To sit is to make strings and to then make yellow. Rather to become helmet now to practice. Now to a baby or was it the lack of upright to the ceiling to the calling that made hair to weave.

Not wedding ring but finger pulled, left such a dusty to an existence of hooks.

It is only between. It is only open and is only a little wet. Said to be collected it is love. The sound here, left over to become strolling musical before pyramids. Said to be a fountain, the light tapping of cotton on embroidered backs.

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