Friday, November 21, 2008

for Starbuck @ 3:45AM

I want to make you a butt flap.
I want to make you a butt slut.
What did you say? What did,
oh you could put it in there,

My only friend.

I'm putting, quoting,
a cunt, now fang.

Milking my double penis
I just want to die (suck a
dick) now write an intro.

(Conclusion starts here)

Donkeys are great dildos
but you can't trust them to
keep your monkey. Keep patting
my back, I put these in here
cuz' the language is fascinating/
nay a quote of process and
metaphor. An "afterthought." I
have HIT A WALL!

I will write you down like a New
Yorker on a midwinter's day. I will
hear clicking to the sound
of a mellow beard.

1). I've peed a normal amount.
2). I'm going to try and do that.
3). The "mechanistic actions."

Three times. I am three times.
It's now a book, it's a sexy, it's
the old estate that we are making
sense and tender of.

Yes, I now want to kill myself. (the
silent making of puking and essay noise)-
Professing she, she who is professing, I sigh,
I make
Now a heavy breathing.
Now a vagina, a Thanksgiving Dinner, I am
still liking of going.

A painting on the wall shows fun techno
freshman dancing half naked (possibly talking of Silliman)
we are moving as an 8 and shaking. This
is what you mean when you say
there should be lots and lots.

Oh my darlin', the balls are
falling across horse races, upon
closing doors-
a strictly blind day,
a foggy stare.

1 comment:

Mo said...

this is exactly what it was like to write that paper.

some people might read this and think that the most ridiculous lines YOU made up, but i said those fucking things, man.

thank you
thank ye

quit being ridiculously good at writing!

not really...