Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Shark Nun

Click here to see random blog I found this collage on

in loving memory of dad on his birthday 11/30/08

The way we all swam,
as if portraits of priests
outlined our urns creating

The way things started
attacking dream journals. . .
(you now building a dam)
you lost as students
pass through Time Magazine
as if it was only a corner
in your breath.
-the only dip in flying
was a great white)

I remember the pages of
wood you "founded," much larger
than whales, much in the
consistency of tea.

Local news broke out that
you were in France-
that you were surveying
the Oregon coast through
the eyes of 300 marine species.

If he tells you the Shark
people are building ladders,
believe him.


Mo said...

so excellent!

jess rowan said...

i love this.

Ginger Mayerson said...

Actually that collage by K. Mas-Gallegos is called "The Nun Blesses the Meat With Long Life" and it's from the LA Collage website, here:

Glad you like the work. There's a whole book of it, too.