Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Make your vagina
into a thousand different
I cut off the dog collar
and placed it on the pillow
next to other unspoken

I tip-toed passed your
white walls
and your collection of "how to"
coffee table and
broken piano keys-
To spit at citizens
from the Farris Wheel-
as if to say
the world is erupting.
As if to say
I didn’t just touch your hands.
Didn’t just stalk your pocket watch
and drew the three
piece symbol of all
I know.

In the background
a poster snores-
dripping beads of earthly brains
magnifying the soil.

I begin to stretch to-
release milk
contingent upon the idea
that I will not call today.

I will begin to swim
beneath something turquoise
while thinking of your teeth
while thinking of mixing
magenta and orange
inside a dusty guitar.

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