Monday, November 26, 2007


Dream brain waves molesting your
ar-pigfood contraptions-m.
Admit your failures,
the M-16 float makes love to peg-leg pirates
while Dora onionizes her tears.
big chin
waves to the little children
while jacking off against the rail.
Did you see the hunger-
constipation mustache
on that handicapped man?
My garbage disposal
sounds like a jet plain taking off-
lake house we go.
Token sweet cranberry ass?
Every once in a while,
my snow comes with color.
No, not just yellow,
not your human waste reds and
tans and Santa’s blue blue eyes.
Snow like the fish
and good ol’ cranberry ass,
sprinkled in brown sugar-
never mind the mistakes.
Where WOULD you put the sweet potatoes?
Sweet mother of god
I can’t get enough of the cranberry ass!
Red and glazed
and drizzled all over my hot turkey chest.
Stuff me from behind
you big man of country twang.

and the Jolly Jiggly man?


phaneronoemikon said...


Rasgu├▒aLasPiedras said...

i think it's lovely.
-the wifeypoo

Monroe said...

I just googled my own name, which is the same as yours, though I have recently tacked a Santa Maria on the end of it. Strangely enough, your poems remind me of the ones i used to write, well, what seems like an eternity ago, they are stupendous, and along with an email from a lost love, have inspired me to start writing again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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kara said...

"Nagasaki Bombed 'Just for the Hell of it'"

The onionizers make the world go round.

kara said...
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Monique said...

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