Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Identity Theory

Mariah Carey dances in heaven
with her lovely
lovely boyfriend.

"Have you ever seen
someone so lovely?"
I ask Panda at the zoo.

Scratching his balls,
"nope, never a more lovely."

Child’s playpen jamboree,
those balls are not my balls-
my balls are far more lovely.
The child is peeing on those balls-
Not my balls.

Canon fires at oncoming heaven-
explosive balls-
That damage is so lovely.
I made that hole,
and that hole,
that hole,
and that hole.
All the lovely holes
with miniature cats in suits
dancing the waltz.

The waltz is so lovely.
If Mariah Carey could do
the waltz
I’d put a bow tie around her neck
and call her lover
and lover and I-
don’t you think we
would be so lovely?

"Yes," says Panda,
scratching his balls.

These balls are not my balls.

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