Monday, November 19, 2007

When A Banana Writes, He Dances

I flushed the cat down the toilet because I was sick of watching her get nervous and run away whenever someone saw her in the litter box which stunk real bad because I didn’t want to clean it and neither did "the third roommate"
so we flushed her down the toilet too before hijacking razor scooter being pushed uphill by a small 25 year old fella and turning to my heterosexual life mate asked if it would be alright if I peed in her twitching eye, "it’ll make things feel better, I swear" and look, here comes that sexy- older- man we are supposed to ignore
but I ask him to jump on my scooter and push until we get to the plaza and begin jumping around in banana/monkey suits,
I’ll be your monkey if you banana me-costume lover, can I pee in your twitching eye too? and then comes along Robin Hood and his sexologist girlfriend, Miss. Hooker and they are selling blue drinks by the dozen and I think we could fit a case or two on the back of my scooter along with dangerous sexy man, life partner and us all orgying it up in costumes so I offer pee in exchange for a case and head to the porta-potty behind the porno store
where luck would have it, Robin Hood and Miss. Hooker are now injecting blue liquid shit into each other’s

nostrils and not wanting to appear rude, we join in but not for long seeing that it is 4pm and pushing the whole kitten caboodle up the hill via scooter, meet up with the entireties of the freshmen rugby team and start up a game of beer pong until little Biff and I retreat to his dorm room and begin fucking on his shitty twin bed taking note to leave the blinds open so Jim Morrison look-a-like across the way can see me in action.

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