Monday, November 19, 2007

Experience Materials As Such

Does this make any?
Umbrella shook up flow
and give me something-needs to.
Yea, yea, you’ve got sexy hands
and I am touching you.
So you left your stuff
at my hut and I am creaming
sandals of uncreativity
and suggesting what was asked
of the chairs and rich subject.
Sculpt this kitty,
weather of a year
and this is umm, the news.
Cold front coming from cartoons
painted on eye lids
of 14 lines- cut up-cut up,
belt undone and that dream
last night woke me up in class.
Western cowboy sing that song.
Bow-tied soul patch
and so on.

Played out,
date this foot
and set clocks back
thirty some hours ago
yet just the moment
you looked up.
Market stage of Little Mermaid,
legs popping out.
Where does one buy
a peg leg these days?
Of words plastered across
cheeks and beyond that-
published "best sex" and we are
too awkward.
Categorically freed grid,
we are on the road to chalk
so tell me what it is
you big steamy mess.

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