Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Way Blinking Stutters Sight

The feeling of holding a heating pad to your back while peeing.
The way most people mean to do good.
The way wind wisping by your ear, mimicking the ocean can feel like going deaf.
The way I put my hands down my pants when no one is looking.
The way I have not heard this song in years.

(In LA)
The way thin palms trees look like puff balls amongst smog and brick walls blocking highways from sight.
The way it is summer in November.
The way the stereo cuts out in a tunnel and then comes right back as soon as you are out.
The way everyone wears red shirts on game day.
The way most shuttle drivers are never nice and no one talks to each other.
The way the sky turns orange and the image of palm trees.
The way no one moves to the back of the bus.
The way pollution accentuates color.
The way people sit across from each other and look at one another without ever looking.

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