Tuesday, December 30, 2008

for the Sisters

Shrub and Tits

I remember becomiNg far too illegal
for eyeLashes. The dancing on knees and
your admiration for Horses.

I remember our notebooKs were full of
Allergies; an attempt to inhale rain or
maybe the Stars and necking.

I remember Admiring books they keep in
secure cases and channeling late niGht
ducks so as to love something with more syllAbles.

I remember urinating on your grandmother and the Liguidness
of stArs after a bad date. You were
basil/roaring greaTly.

I remember somersAulting over the
paleness of dust and a grabBing for
Dance partners who could withstand linen.

I remember the touch of salMon:
the shamPoo you smoked:
You always Could shine on the Pacific.

I remember falling into dougH.
We always Ran without sneakers despite
tHe aliens and alligators that Yankee called to us.

We were Never sharks but always
I remember we called to one another
as if we were hawKs. School officials
Asked us about our eyeballs;
we expLained it was our heavy
intAke of beans and more dough.
It was never horMonal. It was always
with a nasally laugH that we became faces.

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