Saturday, December 13, 2008

The History of Keys and Locks: Part 3

There is tipping beneath. There is something so far from that there is then clocks so that there are fingers if in the winter there are books of a middle taste. If a candle light than the world and it's fine.
There is a clearly, a repeating orally the history of England doing and England as one,
as two,
as all over the insects tacked more and more to understand the workings of sex and of combing hair, the going on- the people one recognizes when masturbating and eating and cooking and never wedding but always in love.
Always there is a canon that is a sphere that is the distance between our eyes becoming single eyes tracing the bridges of rights or rather the shape of secretion.
In the central the making of keys, the making of interesting sounds. A General knows the telling, the mustache of the fallen making the letters of now to the wall.
If there was a trap than there was a bed and there was the overlapping of different sized hands to show a round time.
If the bay collapsed. If the red more than days. If the giving of ears to lips the licking of oil from organs and many go and many to and such I call to you.
Then to tonight when to the waltzing on rugs, the photos now waltzing where to the sky lines. The lines break exactly breath as resembling a New York day coming. And does the folk of voice always make the breath of sky as the lines make the breath of lying while the two float- now more waltzing.
If the city than the winter than the proper of the two making an instance to find the green of skin inhabiting the green of another skin.
Can anyone from behind scarves be awful- Awfully the remembering, the utterance of had having never had met but had had and not only scarves but paintings and orchestra and overlapping- this makes flannel sheets a lonely.
While having literally eaten while having making very good the upwardness of making very distant, making and moving the theater now to the theater.
Now then there was silver and it was making a scene and each has a chair and each is becoming a flying shape and always it is meaning very well but always it is watering and always a sinking- a sunk heavy organ being in a plane being pressed without a correct amount of leaning so always changing and always counting.
Where then is the reservoir. Where then is the clearly, the mentioning of expressions if in doubt, if in holding was it the less making of language than before or in how habits are bound to bow to understand to recall.
The tying of tongues is hard for the understanding of all being locked.