Saturday, December 13, 2008

For Those Who Speak At: Suck or Nibble

This is to say 18 + 98
adds up to make the Filipino
islands: a daughter, a left
hand (a "set-up")
Down here in the background
the font is of a smaller
size, a general softness to
dramatic clasping and a
cigarette. They sit with friends
hoping to form words that
flow as if becoming a Christmas album
or a French Billboard hit.

Are you familiar with the force
of the radio being used
as a tool for thrusting?

There are many names
to go by in the dark.
There are many ways to
light a match, to become
a decade with a quiet
voice. At this time- pyramids.
At this time reference to
a dog eating a flower-
she does this by inserting
She does this when your eyes
flicker like Japan causing you
to look like birth.

Seamless but with the
making of islands one
becomes familiar with the
formation of directions.

All becomes contemporary
with a "Yee-Haw" on
the back of a truck
people try to explain why
flowers made of oil
resemble vaginas.
Correction: the spongy place
is where fingers rest is
where melting occurs.

Names that appear in
Texas obituaries are becoming
night. As it so happens
the distance from
Brooklyn to Houston
is becoming night
printed upon the receipts
of those who died and
those who stayed in hotels
along the way.

One might walk through
Boston and say they have
tasted cherries or that
they understand how movements
begin and withstand.
There may be knocking
or hands on backs but
there are no markings
in or around the park.

44 does not mean snoring
has ceased does not mean
gathering the oral to
make correct documents.
44 does not count on its
own nor does it rid us
of bows of muddy livers.
It changes a steady winking
but it is still winking nonetheless.

When was it that we
made classrooms hound-like?
Where too, have the sweaters
gone have the middle places
gone to bed alone all this
time without the shading
of streamers

(all too much a dreaming up
of mannequins).

They once said dream of
whales. They once said
the interstates will disappear
and where does this leave us?

In chairs sit collected
body parts assembled to
make 10 or 15 minute segments
of something to pay the
bills with or to at
least say they have provoked
but more so they sit
like collected body parts.

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