Saturday, January 24, 2009

7 Things

specifically for but not limited to The Niffer, Bryan and Willie

1. I use to be a tan cowboy with boobies.

2. I don't need no Romeo, I'm my own loving one man show.

3. I would like to dream less about Disney action figures and more about people like Warren Beatty or 50 Cent.

4. I would like to flatter more people with my juices.

5. My mom said I am "made of bread."

6. I am trying to eat less meat despite by disdain for farrots.

7. I would like to include the following in my poetry more often:
Clouds, cherries, magic like a gypsy [repeat], fear, disappearing forces, sister dragonfly, shadows, secrets that spit in your face, love & trust & a piranha, some months, ohhhweewowweewow's, purple men, behind walls/space, things people are seeking, the phrase "what about me" written in such a way that people understand how high-pitched it should sound, brave eagles, things that move slowly towards the center, perfect moments, silence or lack of, windows [searching for], wise answers, things that haunt the people of India, seeds and genetic profit, food, the idea that we all have human rights because we all have seeds and the cycle of this because it's a fuckin' human right, and food-making ovaries.

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