Wednesday, January 7, 2009

for Elisabeth Workman

Above photo is from the cross-country road trip I took this summer. This fine mermaid was a former Olympic gold medalist for the United States synchronized swim team. She now swims in a tank in Las Vegas for fifteen minutes every hour or so.

Lactating Mermaid Apocalypse

title phrase by Elisabeth

Alice, you're a lactating hippy who
spends too much time on youtube.
You look like the lovechild of
Obama and Celine Dion but
with a twisted lip and no
Oh god, now you're. . .
Alice, use your shirt to clean
it up. . .
Well yes I know I'm inside you
right now but do you have to
keep talking about the transnational
apocalypse and The Little Mermaid II?
I know you want children but can't
you wait until I'm not inside
you anymore?

And just to set the record straight,
you did not "draw me into
swirling waters with your
swamp of pleasure."
I met you at Starbucks.
You said something about cows
to the barista.
I said I had a nightmare
about the apocalypse and
flying wooden cows.
You said "the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse ride towards
me on the storm"
You said "in an ideal world,
everyone lactates, even babies."
I didn't yet know
that you


elisabeth workman said...

oh! it is ish and intifada
spume rising over the lip
of a flaming dirty


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