Sunday, January 4, 2009

for Jimmy

I'm a Snowman I'm a Jelly Embryo

My bones My slowness to approach
owls My war against the millions of
jars My belly has won jewels
It is now December I am warm
in the way of banjos not the
way of laws
Rows upon rows of us now
counting through hallways a
different form of waltzing as
some say "scissoring" Oddly enough
we walk through We buy a burger We
comment on the echoing of
Australia or the Cape
It is now the coastline with
free boxes of overalls and
bird's nests
The consistency is more
like Kenneth Goldsmith not dust
This is another eye seeing thing
Another one oh well she can
she can make Jesus in her
Not like just on Sundays We
are now sailing
eating cheese off strippers
Your mother was a motorcycle
That much we know
It is now Monday The piano
is well The kids are well
The lawn mower drowns out
the sounds of lovers in a
bathtub My arms are for
drying so what are you doing
up in that tree
"Come on body let's go party"
It is now a New Year
I broke my arm
It is now yesterday Someone
invented nouns to invent green
and blue to filter out the
difference between the Beatles
and pop music
But who's going to shave me
There's no soul in the liver

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