Monday, January 5, 2009

for Nichole Hermance

Equator Guinea OR
The Mental Hygiene Movement

It is not like the 80's again. She sings "open" with the sound of Connecticut breasts. Was poetry named after Poe? I mean like did the word not exist before him or did he get picked on at school because he wrote with a name like Poe, so closely related to poetry.
(careful analysis)

I believe that it is children who will once again save the world from strippers who are spotting. I heard you can get pregnant from rolling around on someone. If I continue rubbing mint between my teeth will they turn to pickles? Do horses curve and push real good? I wish they never came here with those holes. There is a tribal headache in my left forearm. Dear Buffalo, I will not eat you, nor will I pretend like the universe is anywhere but in your eyes.

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