Friday, May 23, 2008


Collab from March w/ Ball Slick, Squishy Ball, Ball Istic, and myself (Black Balls).

Slick Lick
Dick head Mike
and juicy candy from the inside
joined the infamous group of
lollygagger shoe giggles
I once ate five caterpillars without
shitting fuzz the next day.
Dip-in-dotting my way to never never land
leaving our wendy gazing at the stars reminiscing
The balls of yesteryear whoosh over
my elephant hepatitis nostril.
Held up my skirt to "she walked down the aisle"
she breathed on that softly hidden sweet
muskrat of a hurl
hurl on that furl of a whirl of a girl
side step, comma, baby’s got. . .pockets
has anybody out there seen my sweet dear wocket?
Ass slap, ass grab, what’s in your future?
Homophobic balls
I will not censor your outrageous round colors
while dribblin’ + scribblin our new countries dollars
Grab that confetti off the wall
and rub it all over your naked shweaty
on holistic, ELECTRIFYING wood floors
writhe in ecstatic glory from above
Do Owp!
Callused knee pits-quite extraordinary, I know
we crutch walked our way to the gutter
where the spider, bitsey + itsy, found a lake of
dancing queens having the time of their lives
Except for the crack heads with the
bloody noses. . .
dancing upon the backs of swans, menstruating
as they painted their cheek "warrior" style.
like some kind of freak
I keep pecking eyes out with my beak
grabbing at fuzzy dice- I dream in leaps
of candy land travels near the valley of peeps
lay down your armor and pick up my heart
"istic" took us all to the foul line
where we drifted between the sublime and
ethereal, she moved to the music
And I grooved to the rhythm of her breath
A man looking Looney Tune asked to rub up on her socks
Kinky, kinky :waves finger:
Lave made in the USA
I’m sinkin’ further into the gaping
hole of your mind
Vending on your practice carnival rounds
where we float in the air riding our
partness chosen from birth
symbolism among shoulders
eat giant copulation mongers
THESE are the signs of Olympic flag bearers
holding up our proofs of patriotism over our hands
parachutes land in our laps
Tornadoes singing to kings
capturing among the masses/ something metal
the iron dildo of myths + legends
pour from my ears into your lips
Drink it, Bitch!
ya, we’re getting methafied
We’ll drive a hundred miles to where
No one will know the tigers reside
No one will hear the wind chimes in your eyes.
NO ONE will eat your turkey
But everyone will lick your beehive
and honey will drip down your thighs
steering clear from all this uncomfortable
sexuality, I like pancakes.
which makes sense- your work here.
But let’s get back to sex, it’s our
favorite subject.
My hot pink slippers get me so excited
Sometimes I like to just bite them and
chew the fuzzy right off!
Sometimes, I dream of rubbing it all over
my hot, steamy earlobes
Oh how I love peanut butter
take on me, take me on
on a roller coaster, on a hang glider,
on your wing.
Our lives have become a soundtrack
a liberty of city lights
trounced by the trees in their yards
everlong we shared love into the wild
I can’t handle the distance
remedy of lost travel stickers
that can’t remind us of the places we’ve been

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