Tuesday, May 13, 2008

For Chester

A blissful bundle
of farm girl loving-
Diana said, "when the spirit writes
we all turn into black sheep"
and lord knows
whatever Diana says
so after some smooching
a.k.a. gaptoothcuddlingw/musclepin-uptattooman-
(his bicep alone could make
a farm girl orgasm) not to mention
complete and total revenge
on all the other
grease monkeys twitching around.

Someone finally asked
"where did Diana go"
to find a bouncing hoedown
back in Guyana-
there’s plenty of cheese and tomato soup
so grab your goat
between your tits
and don’t sob until
we put the spirit writers


Alex said...

god bless yoU!

jess rowan said...

lov-r-ly, darling.

we're gonna hurt some poetry veins with our late thursday shovels, k?