Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wrapping the Mind Around A Forming Galaxy

We met shortly after
my phase of publically
humping nerf footballs and
teddy bear’s noses

Knowing that the drink effects my pee
I called for an
emergency fire drill
so that we could sneak off
behind the shed
and knock lips together
for a bit.

You said, "my BIG BLUE MOON
is hiding in your tent
wearing nothing but boxer briefs"
so I continued hosing down
the garden.

I first smelled
my cat’s breath-
lingering on Umpqua River-
valley of a thousand African trees-
verging on vortexes of
"he wrote some poetry
We are revolutionary in
our yogurt eating-
in our iris spectrum galaxies.

Over the last few months
I have become familiar
with the contours of my elbows
in such a way that
I do not trust anyone
whose name comes after P.
It is to say
that I am overly surprised
by the way
your hunched back yodeling
keeps slipping into my dreams
and then my mother appears.

She left the bath running again,
this time dividing the road
we started on
and the one that will
get us back.

and in your office
we agreed to share our fear
that the snow might eat
the miniature dogs.

1 comment:

Alex said...

i like how almost each line denies the logic of the preceding line:

"Knowing that the drink effects my pee
I called for an
emergency fire drill"

it's the "new" new sentence. or the old new sentence.

see you tonight.