Saturday, May 10, 2008

Your Scent From Between Silences

I began to, writing.
Began to scratch out
what was not "believable-"
imagining your hands
not just distance.

I am extracting
the you from within teeth.
The 7 foot tall words
managing to disappear
behind bushes,
falling between my skin.

I no longer see
but cracks-
am the spaces between
asking you to join me
there. (ultimately disengaged
from what was old image,
joined the ranks of
bulletin board makers
tacking upon images-
your scent from between silences.)

Regrettably still fantasizing
of the satellite you-
the mereness of being hidden.
beginning to walk ahead-
explaining the purpose of visual,
touching that which already is. . .


Willie Z said...

Hello. Do I know you? Seems unlikely. Your name seems familiar; anyway, you're friend-of-friends, so maybe that's familiar enough?

"the you from within teeth" (I think teeth are a fantastic way to wrench the gut of the reader)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd place this in the Obfuscated Personal Poem category -- and I consider that an excellent thing, most of the time.

Anyway: hi. I subscribed.

Alex said...

this is fucking COOL!

i agree with willie. i know willie.

i subscribed too...

Lacey Hunter said...

Willie, hi! Pleasure "meeting" you.

Alex, all I have to say to you is. . .PROTOCOL! (Actually, relay that to Jess.)

Beer and poetry tomorrow night, yes?

Cindy said...

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