Friday, May 9, 2008

The Virginal Crab Cake

in collaboration with Jess Rowan and Alex Burford
for Jennifer L. Knox

Oh, fawn of least resistance
I touched upon a conversation
Don’t cuz it hurts
Some semblance of fishing lures, trout measures
I laid a hamster egg in a minefield
just to prove your worth
De-plug you- a clock of worth
We begin to charge within mouth
Last famish- a horror of raving suns,
I know this- in and above
Come on, sports fans. I raised clock towers
to signal your arrival
(the signifier to the serve)
I offered you my bike
you road my pants
The last Vietnam Christmas oval phone
I love your handwriting, Vagiplasty!
I like the curl of your knees
Scoop scoop don’t sunflower this evening


jess rowan said...


Alex said...

we are so goddamn cool.

even drunk.

hobo lady: can i have bite [of] your pita.

me: absolutely not.

was i wearing sunglasses. in my mind everything was darker than it should have been.

Lacey Hunter said...

Oh sweet lord, the hobo lady. Did you go off for a long time and chat with her? I feel like Jess and I were at the bench for a while.

In retrospect, I should have just given her my pita. Or at least the filling. The bready part was all MINE!

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