Saturday, May 24, 2008

Camels and It, Breathing Through Mountains

Decoding, allowing for sustain-
able among mountains
of coding in the requiem.
Two-hallow, indeed thick and able
substances of curling in of cheeks/
a breath of being about
and needing less to sustain
Two yet in = all able
all pauses
Bottom of the bottle
lies naked skin
holding hands outside
and able.
Ankles do not flex
power of lessness-
That which happens able
outside of bottle
semi connected and sustaining
to button
to her way of sustaining
bending and tenderness-
a boogie downness
of your step together
step apart
ability to VIBRATE!
not mixed in with plane jets,
underground and
rooted in able boxes
packages of sea shores
Being modest
in your viewing of two
exposed in such a way of ability-
lines touching circles
to pyramids in vision’s corner
dreading upon able-
sustaining prints- lover set atop
piano and a vase of ability

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