Saturday, May 24, 2008

Olive Skin/Italian Features

for Natalya Verely

Nine to ninety-
crippled or crazy.
Remember the massacre
at Wounded Knee?
where the women were all skinny,
fruitful and w/daughters.

Juliard-Trained Dermatologist
attends small dyslexic church
in Boring, OR.
Do you want to dance, dance

The greatest actress since sliced bread-
a wonderful Lady Macbeth
who knew the difference between
there, their and they’re,
as well as: are, our and
That’s some trick-
I can’t wait to play with
you all day
and to hear your first words.

Your dog thought my diaphragm
was a chew toy
cursing like a fucking sailor.
I want to father your children
unless they have a Barbie doll fetish,
in which case, generally full up on the crazy-
just need a companion,
a doll to cuddle with and
drain on occasion
while changing my career due to some health issues with panic disorder.

Hey- ease up on the scorpion defense mode.
It’s my birthday
and I want a special pregnant
virgin woman to hang out with
the 3 wisemen.
You know who Method Man is?
He entered a Vanilla Ice look-alike contest
and *won*!
I can’t do that
I have a wife
Hope it’s not
The rest of my. . .
(No doubt she’s nuts.)
THAT’S RIGHT. I’m taking the ESSENCE.
Remembering when I had corneas-
dreaming of girls on bread.
Can I shove a pot roast through your nostril?
We’re perverse because of YOU.

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